Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Working Parent's Sabbath Prayer

Dear Father,
I know that You invited me to Your house today, and it is the fondest desire of my heart to go. Yet, You and I both know that there is food to be put on the table, and a roof to be put over the heads of my children, and so today to work I will go. On the day of rest I will wear myself out, when all I desire is to sit in thy chair, renew my soul, and partake of the emblems of thy sacrifice.
Still, I know that of anyone You understand. You know what it is like to be separated from your children for their good. You know the price we pay to have the privilege of loving them, for You pay it for us.
So if I cannot come to Your house today, please make my heart Your home. Let my Sabbath worship be a heart filled with love, eyes filled with light, a tongue that speaks love and kindness, and hands that work willingly for good.
Stay with me, for I long to stay with You.
Your Child, in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ,

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