Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In days when I
was young and thin
with sparkling eye
and flawless skin
I thought that I knew beauty,
but now I see more truely.

The gift of age
to me has been
a wisdom sage
and joy therein
for now I know true beauty,
is something that's inside me.

Beauty free, beauty light,
beauty fills all my sight.

A baby's smile,
a weathered hand,
the extra mile,
a wedding band,
I see it all around me,
for beauty shines so freely.

In skipping stones
and basket balls;
in telephones
and crowded halls;
In each I see such beauty,
for joy and love surround me.

Beauty free, beauty light,
beauty fills all my sight.

For beauty rare
is Heaven's light
it's shining there
in all that's right.
In you I see that beauty,
that look that says "God loves me."

In every heart,
in every flower,
there is a part,
that feels His power,
and that my dear is beauty;
the part of us that's Godly.

Beauty free, beauty light,
Beauty fills all my sight.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother of My Son

My son has been giving me a lot of stress lately. (I really think it is closely connected with his upcoming 8th Birthday, if you follow me on that.) So today when he was missing as the announcements started in Sacrament Meeting I headed out to find him, again.
It didn't take long, much to my surprise he had been outside picking me a flower, having been denied possession of one of the typical Mother's Day carnations. He handed me this little beauty and wished me a happy Mother's Day.
0509000908.jpg picture by teljchall
After we sat down he reached over and ran his finger over the petal, then reached up and touched my face. "It feels the same," he said simply, and my heart just glowed.
I know he gives his Primary teacher a work out, I know his curiosity is going to cost me thousands before he is grown, and I know most days are a battle of epic proportions; but right there, that moment, that's what is so wonderful about being his mom. There is something pure and bright inside him, a sweetness hardly anyone else knows, and as much as I wish he showed it more often, it makes moments like this all the sweeter.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Now THAT'S clever

I enjoyed a movie recently that I really didn't expect to enjoy.
It was Avatar.
I know, everyone was singing its praises back when it was out, and when it was up for awards, but I didn't see it then.
We picked it up a few weeks ago. My husband watched it after I went to bed, and then insisted I watch it the next day. I'm glad he did (usually I don't trust his taste in movies, but here I am saying, "You were right honey.")
The graphics were incredible. Notice the period. Technology can be a beautiful thing, however, that isn't what impressed me. The plot was okay, just your basic remake of a historical favorite, typical "SciFi comments on history" kind of a thing.
What impressed me was the idea of a triple layer mind control in an alien symbiotic environment where the very nature of the planet lent itself to adopting an individual who proved not only instrumental but crucial to the protection of the environment.
The more I think about it, the more I think the author was a GENIUS.
I wish I was that clever. I mean, I can be clever, but WOW what an idea.