Sunday, February 17, 2013


Often when we have in our lives people who hurt us time and again it becomes difficult for us to forgive them. We struggle and achieve some peace over their past offences, but with every new offence it feels like they are TRYING to re-open the old wounds we worked so hard to heal.
I was praying this morning about such a situation in my life, talking to the Lord about how hard it was for me to deal with the fresh stuff, the current stuff, the veiled threats, the manipulation, the insults and legal strong-arming.
I know, because the specific promises the Lord has made to me are sure, that not only will the Lord fight my battles for me and deliver me when I am beset, but that this process will work towards the good of myself and those I love. It was just that momentary venom I was worried about, that red-head flash of anger and indignation. How was I ever to overcome that?
Then the Spirit spoke to me in my prayer, “Forgiveness removes the power of evil over the righteous soul, do not give evil power over even those tiny moments in your life. Forgive instantly that evil will have NO power over you.”
Then the Spirit told me to get up and post this.
So I don’t know which of you needed this as well as I today, but here it is, and my love and God’s love come with it. Peace be unto you.

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