Sunday, December 15, 2013




When Fate dies
Is she reborn,
Of her wrinkles and
Gray hair shorn?

Begins she again
With promises new,
Just as good,
Bright and true?

Rises she up
Like Phoenix song?
Is second destiny
Quite as strong?

Or does she limp
And falteringly take
Steps into the future
Her new life a fake?

Is she Fate who
Once was dead,
Or some imposter
In her stead?

Is it possible
To delirious be
When my fate
Has died in me?

I guess that I
Will wait and see.
I guess that I
Will wait and see.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Gift

Today was another one of those times when I have to stop what I am doing and find a keyboard quick, because a poem is about to spill out of my soul.

Now I can go back to my art project!

The Gift

Which of the gifts
The greater be?
Be it to love
Or to loved be?

For passion is
But passing flame,
And loyalty
May turn again,

But love, when true
And freely given,
Is found the greatest
Gift of heaven.

Can love yet come
To one so plain?
Yay, love sees all
Men are the same.

Weak and broken,
Pitiable men be,
When beyond
The skin you see.

Then love reaches
Out her hand,
She lifts them up,
Makes them stand.

But not the touch
Of love converts
And makes a joy
Of all their hurts.

Only in choosing
To bestow
Can fullness of joy
Man ever know.