Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dabbler


I’m a dabbler; I’ll admit it, readily. There isn’t a single one of my talents that I am exceptional at (by any standard besides in the rose colored glasses of those that love me.)

In the past 20 years or so I have dabbled with:
OOAK Dolls
Miniature Armor and Weaponry design
Cake decorating
Italian Cuisine, from scratch
Asian Cuisine
Book/ short story Writing
Belly dance
Ballroom Dance
Latin Dance
Jewelry making
Paper Mache
Cutting hair
Stage make-up
Tile laying
Pergo laying
Interior Design
Set Design
Learning Languages
Song Writing
Public Speaking

There are probably more, but you get the drift.

Now some people would look at that list and think it’s pretty impressive, but remember, I’m not proficient at all of those things, in fact some of them I was really bad at. Some of them I will never go back to, some of them I did today, and some of them I will pick back up in the future. The fact is, though, I will never be among the truly great at ANY of those things.

I’m okay with that, because I’m a dabbler. Dabblers know that it isn’t about being great, or doing better than anyone else. It’s about experiencing something, putting your heart in it for a while, enjoying it, and then letting those obsessed with it carry on with the insane competitiveness while you go on your merry way.

Of course there is nothing wrong with being great at something, lots of people are, and when I am exposed to true greatness at a talent I stand in awe of the time and devotion that greatness requires, as well as the raw God-given talent that inspired said devotion. I applaud the truly great for having what I do not, the desire to achieve a lofty and difficult goal.
But me, I’ll keep dabbling. Maybe my arm will heal up well enough that I can finally take up archery. If not there is always welding (I’ve wanted to try that for over a decade), or pottery, or stained glass window making, or maybe I’ll even learn an instrument (I’d prefer the Guzheng , for reasons only a select few will understand, but the guitar would be fun… left handed, hmmm… maybe not). I’ll keep dabbling, because dabbling brings me joy, and really… what else is there?

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autismpsyd said...

Dabblers of the world, unite! Oh, wait, then we wouldn't be dabbling any more, would we...?

I prefer to think of it as perspective building exercises. If I don't try something, how will I ever come to understand, respect, and admire those who can do something...anything...that I currently either cannot do or do not do well? Having no budget with which to hire them aside (ahem...seems to be the story of my life), would I have found my career if I had not dabbled first?

Besides, there are times when all those dabbling experiences actually combine to help me with something I truly did not plan to dabble within but instead MUST do so that I can doing oil and alternator changes on my car gave me courage to try my hand at rebuilding an engine...because I had to do it as (story of my life again) I could not afford to hire someone else to do it.

So, dabble on, o ye great one...who lives up to her grandfather's motto of B-1-2-TRY!


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