Friday, October 21, 2011

On Loving Yourself

This is more a vent than anything because today I decided why the standard, much passed about affirmations irritate me so much.

It isn't about loving yourself. It's not. True self worth is about getting a single glimpse of how and why God loves you. If you can even begin to understand that... if you can grasp just the tiniest particle of that knowledge then you will never need affirmations. You will have self esteem because you will feel your worth. You will have strength in ways you cannot imagine. You will love others with a depth you cannot describe and never would have thought possible.

Stop thinking you can do things to change the way God loves you. Start seeing that your choices can hurt him and prevent him from being able to bless you but they will never make him stop loving you. You are his child. He is a perfect parent and will love you infinitely deeply no matter where your choices take you or how far you push yourself away from Him. He will always ache to hold you, to comfort you, to save you, BECAUSE YOU ARE HIS!

I wish more people understood that. I wish more people got how little it matters what you look like or have accomplished or how many talents you think you have.

If you take a thousand dollars worth of gold and wrap it in burlap, is it worth less? NO! If you bury it is it worth less? NO! If you take it and shape it and make it pleasing to the eye or useful then, yes, it is prettier or more useful and brings pleasure to the owner... but the core value does not change. It is still a thousand dollars in gold.

You are so much more valuable than gold. You have immense value in just existing. Every good work pleases God and you are of such good use to him every day... but it doesn't change your worth. He would still move the world to save you. He loves you that much.

Stop doubting Him. Stop trying to make excuses for why you have less value and let the Master Craftsman, who knows your value and potential, make something of you.

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Lisa S. Luckey said...

Wow, this is so beautiful and just what I needed to hear. Thank you for writing this.