Sunday, August 07, 2011

My Patronus

You know, sometimes I think I know everything about Harry Potter, and then other times life sets me straight and I realize I have only scratched the surface.

Take the Patronus, for instance. Everyone knows that a Patronus is a being of light, created by a spell (Expecto Patronum!) and fuel by holding onto a happy thought.

Many people, fans like me, also know that this spell is close to Rowling's heart, as she herself has death with depression in the past.

Earlier today it kind of just popped into my head. Still only half thinking about it I thought, "Hmm so a Patronus for Harry is like Jesus is for me."

Only then did the layers of the Patronus become apparent to me, and I've been walking around thinking, "Duh, Thora," ever since.

The root of Patronus is PATRON as in Patron Saint, as in something we believe in and would EXPECT (expecto) to come to our aid when we are faced with our greatest fears, with depression, with darkness over which we have no control.

Then I realized that Harry's Patronus is his father.

Wow. The parallels, the subtle references to Christ, just wow!

Once again, I tip my hat to J. K. Rowling, the master plot weaver.

So, author worship aside, from now on, if someone asks me what my Patronus would be, I'll have to answer, Jesus Christ.

When darkness and depression was overpowering me, sucking the soul out of me, I reached for my Savior, and he saved me.

He is my light.
He is my happy thought.
He is the one that I trust to be there for me in my toughest moments, because he always has been.

Expecto Patronum


Margret said...

goosebumps awesome....Love you!

Alex said...

Again, you speak wisdom, my dear!