Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm easy to shop for

I mean really I am. I don't know why he doesn't get that. I guess it's probably linked to my very odd need for self-denial that turns into indignant shopping sprees when my husband wastes money. I have a very un-healthy attitude towards money apparently, maybe even more unhealthy than his.

"I almost bought myself an iPhone last night, but I talked myself out of it," he says to me today after lunch.

"Good, because we talked about that. Besides then I would have had to go and spend $200 bucks on myself in retribution."


"Yeah, whenever you spend money on something stupid I can't help it, I go spend that amount too."

"We can't really afford that..."

"Exactly, so when I get an email telling me that you wasted 15 buck on a sex change for your "tune" or 25 for a race change I get mad and go spend that on myself."

(I pause to explain that in World of Warcraft netspeak characters are "tunes" and yes you can change them from male to female of from bipedal bovine to gnome to elf, for a price.)

"Oh," he says looking a bit guilty. "Well you have 25 bucks again."

"What now?"

"I was going to get you something for Valentines about the same amount," he said. We had agreed no V-day, no B-days, no Mother's or Father's Days this year. We need to be throwing the money at the bills instead of buying more stuff. Part of me thought, "Aww, he was going to get me something anyway." Another part thought, "I am never getting through to him about money."
To be honest none of me thought what you are probably thinking, "Sure, he was. He's just pulling a fast one." Not until now that is. Which is good because he did demonstrate the options he had been weighing when his boss called, re-arranged his schedule and nixed his window for shopping in secret. Sigh.

It was a realm change by the way.

Listening to him complain about how hard I am to shop for had me rolling my eyes though. I'M hard to shop for? PLEASE! I spent all of November and December listening carefully to every word he said about EVERYTHING hoping to get him something he wouldn't HATE this year. I thought I had it made when he was talking and linking with friends about this new snazzy mouse to play W.O.W. with. Yeah... it showed up a few days later, and I didn't even know he had ordered it.

Why is it then that when he asks what I want I am completely unable to think of anything? Today all I could say was garnet earrings. We got some once together, so he knows what they are, and I lost one of the old set. He could do that... and I couldn't think of one blame, stinking, other thing to ask for. Stupid self-deprivation.

So, because writing stuff down seems to be the ONLY way I ever remember anything, here is a list of things I would have said if I weren't such a complete fairy-brain:

A blue glass bottle, wine bottle sized neck, for my dish soap decanter. The green glass just isn't as pretty.

Those metal dragons at Big Lots, or the Fu Dogs, either one would be fine, or all, I'll take all too.

While at Big Lots, the red bamboo floor mat.

I wouldn't mind a dragon necklace either. I know I look and I never get one, but that's the self-denial talking, not what I would love if it were a present.

You can never go wrong with lightening bolts on jewelry either.

The light fixture you have to special order from Lowes with the hooks to hang the pots from to replace the fixture above the island.

iTunes gift cards = guilt free music shopping

A brown pearl set

Hobby Lobby gift cards, because you know I'm going to buy stuff there anyway

Another one of those organisers like you got me for Christmas, for my beads that I buy at Hobby Lobby when I'm mad, or happy, or manically creative.

Jewelry that mimics leaves, I really do have a thing for trees and leaves. The gallery on Main in town has some one of a kind ones by a local artist that I stop by and admire sometimes.

Those hand shaped ring holders we saw at the mall the other weekend, to hold my rings when I do the dishes. No you may not bring up the scene in Stuart Little.

An Asian Altar table, yes, I still want one for the dining room, red stain or black, and if you have to choose I prefer the carved angles on the trim instead of the flowers, but either is fine.

Hmm... that's all I can think of at the moment. I think I'll actually post this little rant and then add to it as I think of things.

(And no, I don't expect anyone to get me anything off this list, but maybe now I will remember the next time he asks what I want.)


JerieH said...

Sure, sure, but you do know your Birthday is just around the corner...

JerieH said...

I started on your b-day gift : )

Thora said...

Grinning in anticipation. I always love your gifts!