Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mother Love

Mother Love

My child you say you love me,
And I know that you do,
But when I say I love you
I mean it fierce and true.

I love you when you hate me,
Through clean and dirty rooms,
In sickness, health, and sugar highs,
On Sunday afternoons.

I love you first day of kindergarten,
And through the science fair.
I love you all the untied shoes
And rat’s nests in your hair

I assure you, I’ll still love you,
My love will constant be,
When you are fast cars, and cell phones,
And way to cool for me.

I’ll love you in every single age,
For I’m a step ahead, or two,
Just far enough for looking back
And watching out for you.

So when you say you love me,
I hold it close, I know it true.
And someday, when you have kids
You’ll know how much I love you.

(written today)

1 comment:

AutismPsyD said...

Thanks, sis!

I love you, too.