Friday, April 30, 2010


Dear Hollywood:
I just read a blurb that flashed up on my screen, inviting me to view the "daring" photo shoot of yet another screwed up celebrity.
What cracks me up is that you people still think that getting pictures taken of you in various kinds of lingerie is daring.
Sorry to break the news to you folks, but that's not daring anymore. We've reached the point in our society that whoring yourself for a camera and trying to buy approval with your sex appeal is MUNDANE! Who cares about your crack ravaged arms and fake DD's? Please, how often have we seen that? Give us a break.
You know what is daring? Having 15 kids, and raising them well, that's daring. Daring is having morals when everyone around you is throwing their soul away for cheap thrills. Daring is teaching your kids to pray, honor that which is holy, and read the word of God.
You think you can revolutionise the world by mainstreaming darker and more lascivious deeds? HA! You're not revolutionary, you aren't even unique, you're just another drop in the downward flowing tide.
You know what? I feel really sorry for you.


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Anna said...

Woohooo Thora! We recently had the honor of hearing from Sheri Dew, and she said we should all be so bold as to be standing for the right, because that is WHO WE ARE. And that, that is Daring.

JerieH said...

Awww Man, Melissa stole my comment!

AutismPsyD said...

You cannot say this kind of thing enough. I loved what Bill Whittle said in his "A Tale of Two Americas" video at He said lots of great things, but you did this particular one very well! Go, Thora!