Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I know why they call it Fall

I know why they call it Fall, and really it has very little to do with leaves.

Fall is my favorite season. There is something about that nip in the air that brings a quirk to the corner of my mouth. After being baked out of my clothes all summer, it is time to take out the clothes that cuddle my whole body and wear them in layers. I wait all year for my orange shirts to be in season, for my velvet jackets to come out of the back of the closet, for the long stripey socks to sneak up from the bottom of my drawer. It's time to show my colors again, it's time for Fall.

It's time to start making things with my hands, and thinking of giving to people I love. It's time to carve pumpkins and bake pies. It's time to stop mowing the lawn and start amassing deep and fluffy piles of leaves. It's time for cocoa and warm apple cider with a spoonful of honey. It's time for hiding with a book under a blanket on the chaise lounge. It's time to watch an enormous black and orange spider spinning his massive web from the bushes to the eaves. It's time for witches, for moonlit magic, and for buckets of candy. It's time for Fall.

Fall is the season of turning inward. As we wrap our jackets ever tighter about our chests we are warming up our hearts, getting ready for a season of love and celebration. We begin to think of all we have in a natural pre-winter inventory. While the squirrel sums up his stash of nuts we take stock of our blessings, as innumerable as they are.

Then our thoughts turn to families and friends, the true treasures of life, and we long to have them near our side. So we pull them tight around us, just like our jackets, and bask in the warmth of their love. We share a turkey, or a steaming bowl of soup, or perhaps just a late night long-distance call. We utter the words "Happy Thanksgiving," but instead they hear, "Thank you for being part of my life."

As the bright leaves cascade all around my house, and the acorns tap, tap, rattle-roll down my roof I'm taking a moment to let Autumn flow through me. I thank Heaven for the beauty around me, for my blessings, and for this season.

Autumn is when I fall back in love with life, and that's why they call it Fall.

(This is my submission for the November "Write-Away Contest" on Scribbit)


Scribbit said...

I love feeling like I can come inside and curl up and forget the normal stuff of summer. I guess hibernation isn't a bad thing :)

JerieH said...

I love Fall too. The smells. The sounds. The bite in the air...

Daisy said...

So, so true. I love autumn, the smells, the sounds, the sights. I'm gratefl that I live in an area with four clear seasons.

Kate said...

THORA!!! hey I love you.

Kate said...

Just wanted to pop in again and say hi and I luvya. Haing in there you r amazing.

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