Sunday, April 27, 2014

No Time for Poems

I haven't time for poems
Now that I'm in love with you,
I've not a moment to spare
There is just too much to do,

For who can write a poem
While loving a love so true?
And who has time for mere words
With such eyes to gaze into?

And who can make a poem
Who could ever find the time
To set aside such sweet lips
And just sit, and think, and rhyme?

Oh I can't write a poem
Not Tomorrow or today
For "Darling, how I love you,"
Is all I can think to say.

So I've set aside my pen
And I've started greater things,
Like basking in your presence
As my heart inside me sings.

No, I've no time for poems,
Unless I am missing you,
For when we are apart dear,
Missing you is all I do.

15 days until I marry my best friend

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