Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Body

My Body

I look in the mirror.
I see my face.
My skin is slack,
from years in this place.

My eyes are lined
from smiles and tears,
my shoulders stooped
from weight of years.

My spine is curled
from stretch and lean
and the creaks and pops
you know what they mean.

My belly is slack
and lays in a fold
where once a child
my skin did hold.

My legs are dimpled
and dry and pale,
and don’t ask me what
is going on with my nails.

Yes it seems that this life
with its ups and downs
has left me a body
on which the world frowns.

I think with great fondness
of laying it by
and on to my perfect
form I will fly.

Then think I of
the risen Lord.
To abandon His flaws
could He afford?

For now and ever
my Savior stands
with evidence of His work
embossed in His hands.

I look at my body
perhaps wrinkled and old
and think of the life
that through it is told.

It tells of my works,
of my long and hard days
of service and kindness
of a woman that prays.

It tells of the yoke
that I carried with pride
for I walked with Jesus
on the other side.

Now a different kind
of body image I see,
I am His great work
the body of me.

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