Friday, July 26, 2013


(for my fluffy friend Donner)

You stare,
with every ounce of your determination,
at the object, heart of your fixation.

It sits,
The center of your very life and joy,
your whole world wrapped up in that little toy.

You think,
In your naivety that if you sit there, and will it,
that somehow God will move and fulfill it.

The world,
it laughs at you, dog, it thinks you senseless,
for the lack of logic, for being so ridiculous.

Don't you know?
Can't you see that it's pointless to dream?
What a simpleton you always seem.

But hope,
hang on with your last ounce of tenacity,
then God will grant in His felicity.

I know,
why you pant in your anticipation,
frozen in your assigned station.

For I
know why you sit, watch, and wait,
for God to reach, and roll your fate.


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