Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Best Boss

When I was Primary President my Stake Primary President (ie, my boss) said something that completely flummoxed me at the time. She said to do my calling in a way that trained my counselors to do my calling one day. I looked at her, then at my counselors (who had both been in that gig before) and wondered what on earth I had to teach THEM.

I probably failed them, sigh, but thank goodness God is not failing me. God is the Best Boss.

That doesn't mean He's bossy, God really isn't as bossy as people think. He has put all this effort into giving us commandments, He continuously sends messengers so that all who have the desire can hear His voice, but He isn't bossy.

To be honest, sometimes I wish he was a bit more bossy, that in this time in my life when so much hangs on my every action, when an errant toe could change so much, He would just tell me what to do. I mean, there are the commandments obviously, but those are just His way of helping me hear. The rest I have to figure out on my own, by using the resources He has given me.

I think that is what really defines a good boss, someone who is more focused on helping his or her staff to become better than on the product. The product will never be perfect until the staff is perfect, so a good Boss focuses on helping the staff grow.

As uncomfortable and inconvenient as it may be sometimes, He's helping each of us grow. I look at my trials of the last year or so and I'm starting to see how I have grown, how I have changed, how I have become a better person.

I still have a long way to go, but I think that each of us needs to somehow get to the point where we stop resenting our Boss and instead catch the company vision. There is a better way, and if we work with our Boss we can get there.

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