Friday, September 11, 2009

Man, where's my fanfare?

I think I just figured out why my husband plays his video game so much.

He just finished a 25 person fight against some massive foe. He was going around healing everyone, which means he wasn't even fighting, he was support services.

Then as the mighty foe fell the constant stream of direction from the group leader, which blared from his headphones, was interrupted by fanfare. Trumpets and cymbals, everyone rejoiced as they divided up the loot.

NO WONDER he's hooked.

Man if I got trumpets blaring every time I completed a task in my support services roll, you'd better believe I'd be back for more. I'd smell the faintest whiff of poopy and go looking for that diaper. I'd wrestle the kid from my co-worker's arms, then once the foul foe besetting the bitty bottom and the olfactory senses of the world was conquered, I'd get that fanfare! Dum-de-da-da! Another victory for the side of good!Let all the clean bottoms rejoice!

I'd get all the kids across the street safely and then get to watch the parade in my honor.

The guy gets armor, jewels, gold, for slaying beasts. I guard the house against the monsters in the closet every night... where's my gold, diamonds, anyone? Come on!

I guess that's the difference between games and reality though, the fanfare. I'd better just put it out of my mind... no, better yet, I'm going to learn from it. I bet you I can find a fanfare audio file somewhere. Then every time I crunch out oh... 1,000 words in my book (can't make it too easy) I'll play that fanfare. Dum-de-da-da! Thora has just communicated what it's like to eat raw squid. The crowd goes wild! It's a victory over writer's block! Someone call the President!

You know what? I like fantasy. I like that someone says "ding" every time he levels-up his character. I especially like that his playing games has gotten me enough free time to write nearly 80 thousand words since July 27th, and I'm not even support roll on that, I'm the tank, I'm the head spell caster. So there!

Yay me!

I'm going to go find that fanfare now.

(I would also like to take this opportunity to formally thank my real fanfare. You know who you are, though I will never really understand why you love and believe in me so much. I could never get past all my self-doubt and keep writing if I didn't have you my lovelies. Thank you. God bless you all, because I will never be able to repay you fully myself.)


Aaron and crystal said...

When ever you need personal fanfare ... I will be there!

Margret said...

YES! Definitely needing the fanfare in my life! And, by the way, DUM-DE-DA-DA, to you, & love.

Bobbi said...

Doesn't your cell phone have a fanfare ring tone?
If not you can always call me!

Thora said...

I love you gals.
I found it btw C drive> Windows > Media > tada
I played it when I looked down and saw my word count at 80,008, then I played it again because 80k is the minimum I wanted to hit for this book. It's 16k shorter than the other, but a good length indeed.
80k! Tada!

JerieH said...

I think the world would be a much better place if we girls got a little more Kudos for everything we do... Guys expect it, even need it! Time to start dishing it up boys!