Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Reading to My Son

I had already sent the kids to bed tonight when I head footsteps coming up behind me. It was my 6 yo son, who wrapped his arms around me as I typed. I stopped to give him a snuggle, intending to send him right back to bed.
Then he started reading my screen, struggling over the eloquent words I sprinkle liberally in my writing. My book was open, as I have been neglecting the laundry in favor of writing tonight. He got to where the cursor was flashing and asked what came next. So I got to brag to my son about the book I was writing and how what came next wasn't there yet, for I had yet to write it.
He was fascinated, and asked all about my book, its length, its subject... all with the excited twinkle only children can hold within their eyes. Thank heaven for little boys.
I scrolled back several pages and he crawled up on my lap. I read him the section of that story, with all the emotion and familiarity only the author can produce. He was entranced and kept stopping me to ask questions.
I showed him the special greeting exchanged by my fantasy characters, and he is so thrilled to be the first person on earth to know about that, like it's some great secret that will gain him entry into a magical place.
Perhaps it did, perhaps he is in this magical place with me. The magical place of my creation, known only to myself and a select few. All I know is I've got a fan, and it means everything to me to know that something I wrote can bring such light to my child's eye.
Even if I don't get published; if the years of typing and research and love come to naught, and the world I created is only shared with my family and friends; I will at least have shared it with my children. I will at least have given them a glimpse of what it means to create, and how delicious creation can be.


Kaylene said...

(((HUGS))) I wanna go crawl into my kids room and just watch them now!

JerieH said...

Oh Sis, what a special moment!

AutismPsyD said...

Wonderful, precious moment, and such a blessed early birthday gift! Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!

Bobbi said...

I love you! You and your children are in my prayers! I just think the world of you guys!

Aaron and crystal said...

I have been away from my blog for a awhile but when I read this i Just wanted to cry. The Love we as mother's have for our children is always shown in those little moments. Thanks for sharing yours. I love you and always have you in my thoughts!

Wiski said...

Beautiful, simply simply a beautiful perfect moment.