Monday, May 05, 2008

What is a woman?

What is a woman,
when you look at her core,
under scrutiny what is found
that was overlooked before?

For often at first glance
a hurried label is attached
and with a group or genre
her identity is attached,

But what shallow judgements
will so very often fail to see
is women have so many sides
they number infinitely

She's not a jewel to be shaped
to produce a transparent glitter
but a thing of much more worth,
that glowing crowns befit her.

Nor is there a woman born
who's soul is an open book
for casual study to comprehend
or to be known within a look.

To truely know a woman
to know just what to ask
is the labor of a life time
the reward within the task.

For even when you know her
enough to love her true
you'll find she's only begining
to unveil herself to you.

If she ever stands before you
her secrets known and sure
rest while you can, for inside
she's not who she was before.

While the why of woman's changes
has stymied philosopers of the past
today I shall reveal it to you
the motivation known at last.

While men do daily struggle
the whole universe to subdue
a woman's heart whispers low
"the universe is you."

Creation, flux, revolutions,
the fires and the seas,
the violence of clashing worlds,
the gentle hum of bees.

Kings, prinicipalities, riches,
such frail and passing shades
in comparison to a woman
their glory wanes and fades.

So, by your side she'll toil
perhaps herself unknowing,
strive you harder than she
lest you be found owing.

For she is the embodiement
of power, greatness, charity.
Alas, poor man have ever
you seen her with clarity?

For where you see a woman,
through the lense of eternity
glimpse with me my friend
the Goddess that will be.

T.E.L.H. May 5, 2008

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